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Shower systems

Cast marble sanitary ware is a harmonious combination of unique design and comfort.  Since 2010, the company has been manufacturing sanitary ware using its own technologies and environmentally friendly raw materials, reserving the right to call itself ECO - FRIENDLY. All products are manufactur..
Ex Tax:0.00€ Balta Brasta Catalog Baltic Brasta - "A water-friendly company". Production of shower enclosures started in 2002. Faithful to quality, design and good service from the very beginning. Already in 2004, the shower cabin "Vaiva" was recognized as the best product of the year in Lith..
Ex Tax:0.00€ Radaway CatalogueRadaway Catalog HypnoticRadaway is a manufacturer of high quality, comfortable and at the same time designer shower enclosures. Operating on the market since 2002 and for throughout all these years of work they have met hundreds of arrangement difficulties encountere..
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